Wonder Woman: Karlie Kloss wears a head full of vividly multicoloured flowers and nothing else in the editorial ‘Body By Kloss’ photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 2011. Despite it’s beauty this shoot became incredibly contoversial due to the American-born models nudity and bodyshape; ending up with so much outrage from the public that the most ‘scandalous’ image was taken down from the Vogue Italia site, and put up was a six paragraph letter from editor Franca Sozzani defending the shots. Thankfully the backlash died down and people went on to commend Kloss’ fit physique, which can be attributed to her background in ballet. Despite others opinions, this was a special moment for the model as the editorial was a kind of ‘coming of age’ for the then 19 year old as it showed KK in a sexier, more grown up light and was timely revealed after just signing a lucrative deal to become a VS angel - both of these jobs played a part in catapulting her career to astronomical heights, making her more in demand than ever, as well as sealing her name in fashion history as one of the most significant supermodels of the decade.

"I think they’re beautiful photos and I’m very proud of all of them, we were creating art. I’m happy with the results. I think that they’re photos that are hopefully going to become iconic.” - Karlie Kloss when asked about the shoot, via.

(via xangeoudemonx)